The View Of A Bluebird

So you're unbeaten and top of the league what has been the main reason behind your good start?

Organisation and teamwork under the guidance of Dave Jones. He has a limited squad but everyone knows there job and they are laying for each other with confidence and belief.

Can you maintain this good run of form throughout the season?

I mentioned the limited squad in the previous point. We may struggle if we get hit with a few injuries and suspensions. The next layer of players we can call upon are generally youngsters or unproven players at this level. It will be tough to maintain this position but why not. We've seen off the likes of Leeds and Birmingham already. What's to fear?

Who should we look out for at Deepdale on Saturday?

At the moment our flair play is coming from the lads on the flanks. The two Welsh player Joe Leldey and Paul Parry have been in excellent form. They scored a goal each against Birmingham in the 2 - 0 win a couple of weeks ago. Up front we have former Newcastle striker Michael Chopra but I think our most consistent players are the in defence. Kevin McNaughton at full back has been superb and the central defensive partnership of Glenn Loovens and Roger Johnson are so strong together. Also the keeper, Neil Alexander, he has three clean sheets in a row going into tomorrows game.

What have been the main changes since we last met?

The manager now has the team of players that he wants. Last season we were in contention until April but fell short. It was too soon for us. Dave Jones ended his first year with a mid table finish. That was his year to settle in. Now we are seeing his team with his ideas. You should find us a good team to watch. A footballing team with a will to win.

Do you wish there were more Welsh clubs in the league or are you happy with all the long journeys away from home?

At the moment there aren't any other Welsh clubs strong enough to survive in the football league. Merthyr and Newport are the closest and at best they are a couple of seasons away. Even if Wrexham made it to the Championship it's as easy to get Preston as it is to Wrexham. The hassle involved if we played Swansea would make a trip to Darlington seem easier.

Cardiff has become a high profile city in football over the last few years so will we be seeing Cardiff City on the big stage soon?

We seem to be heading that way. Like most clubs we've had our hopes dashed over the years but this time we seem to be walking the walk as well doing the talking. Sam Hammam, love him or hate him, has us sitting on top of the Championship. In 2000 we were in League 2, no one wanted us, our future looked bleak. We also have Peter Ridsdale on board as Sam's next in charge, a high profile man after his time at Leeds but he knows how to run a football club. He seems to have learnt from his Leeds days and he's making us a tighter outfit financially so we can build a new stadium in the next couple of years. There's no doubt the plans are for Premiership football in Cardiff in the very near future.

Finally, predictions for Saturday.

I have to looking blue tinted spectacles and say 2 - 1 to Cardiff.