A Fox and a White

Footballers who have played league football for both PNE and Leicester




933) Jason Jarrett

PNE 15 apps; 1 goal

Foxes 13 apps; 0 goals

PNE debut 07/03/2006 v Plymouth (A) – Drawn 0-0


228) James Macauley

PNE 59 apps; 23 goals

Foxes 19 apps; 2 goals

PNE debut 15/11/13 v Liverpool (H) – Lost 0-1


583) Hugh McIlmoyle

PNE 60 apps; 10 goals

Foxes 20 apps; 5 goals

PNE debut 14/08/71 v Carlisle (A) – Drawn 0-0


186) Arthur Mounteney

PNE 52 apps; 11 goals

Foxes 30 apps; 11 goals

PNE debut 01/09/1909 v Nottingham Forest (H) – Lost 0-1


225) Freddie Osborn

PNE 68 apps 40 goals

Foxes 67 apps; 29 goals

PNE debut 06/09/1913 v Everton (A) – Lost 0-2


311) Jock Patterson

PNE 17 apps; 0 goals

Foxes 81 apps; 34 goals

PNE debut 18/10/1924 v Notts Co. (H) – Lost 0-1


209) Bob Taylor

PNE 8 apps; 0 goals

Foxes 56 apps; 7 goals

PNE debut 02/09/1911 v Sheffield Wednesday (A) – Won 1-0


910) Gavin Ward

PNE 7 apps 0 goals

Foxes 38 apps; 0 goals

PNE debut 19/10/2004 v Q.P.R. (H) – Won 2-1


125) Harry Wilcox

PNE 99 apps; 42 goals

Foxes 44 apps; 16 goals

PNE debut 28/09/1901 v Leicester Fosse (H) – Won 5-0


813) Steve Wilkinson

PNE 52 apps; 13 goals

Foxes 9 apps; 1 goal 

PNE debut 12/08/1995 v Lincoln (H) – Lost 1-2


460) Ian Wilson

PNE 16 apps 6 goals

Foxes 12 apps; 2 goals

PNE debut 12/02/1947 v Sheffield Wednesday (A) – Won 2-0


707) Frank Worthington

PNE 23 apps 3 goals

Foxes 210 apps; 22 goals

PNE debut 21/02/1987 v Torquay (A) – Won 2-0


Player Profile – Freddie Osborn


Freddie Osborn was born in Leicester on 10 November 1889 and played in the centre forward position.


He started his career with Avondale before joining Hinckley United were he scored 45 goals for the club in 1909/10     


Osborn then joined second division Leicester Fosse in 1909/10 and scored 4 goals from 12 appearances as club finished in fifteenth position.


The 1910/11 season saw Osborn reach double figures with 10 goals from 21 appearance one goal behind leading scorer Harry Sparrow as they finished in tenth position.


Osborn finished top scorer in 1911/12 with 15 goals from 34 appearances as Leicester finished in fifteenth again.


After netting 29 goals from 67 appearances Osborn joined Preston for 1913/14. He made his PNE debut in a 2-0 defeat at Everton on 6 September 1913. He started in the inside forward position and didn’t score in his first ten appearances.


On his second appearance playing in the centre forward position he scored an hat-trick in a 4-1 home win over Middlesbrough on 29 November. He later scored two hat-tricks in consecutive matches as the Lilywhites scored five in victories over Bristol Rovers in the FA Cup and Sheffield Wednesday. His scoring run continued by scoring twice in a match five times in a space of eight matches. He finished in 22 league goals, 15 more than the next highest in 35 appearances. Although he scored 22 of the 52 goals scored during the season it wasn’t enough for Preston to avoid relegation from Division One.


The last season before the start of WWI saw Osborn finish top scorer again with 17 goals from 26 appearances helping the club a quick return to Division One by finishing runners-up to Derby.


In 1915 Osborn joined the 160th Brigade Royal Field Artillery (RFA). He served on the Western Front and in 1918 he was badly wounded by a bullet that hit him in the thigh. He played in the first league game after the resumption of league football in 1919/20.


His last league goal game in a 2-1 victory against Liverpool on 22 November, whilst his last e appearance came on New Years Day in a 2-1 defeat at Sheffield United.


He only made 7 appearances during the season as he was replaced by Tommy Roberts who had also signed from Leicester Fosse in the summer of 1919. Osborn had scored 40 goals from 68 appearances before joining non league Nuneaton Town.


Osborn had played two matches in county cricket for Leicestershire between 1911 to 1913 and achieved a top score of 14. He passed away in Leicester on 11 October 1954.