Goalless Draw In Cardiff

Last updated : 13 March 2022 By @pnemad

North End are now sitting comfortably in midtable thanks to a good run of form following a change in management earlier in the season. There are lots of ifs and buts but with a very mediocre Chapionship it is apparent that Preston may have been higher up the table if Lowe had been in charge for the full season.

There are still problems to solve at Preston and yesterday was one of them. Whilst Preston are now comfortably sitting amongst other teams in midtable they have lacked that cutting edge to win games.

They have drawn too many games this season. Even in the past month or so they could have taken all three points away at Coventry as well as the home games against Huddersfield and Forest not to mention the abysmal performance against Reading.

There will be changes in the the summer in terms of personnel but it does sem like Preston have missed an opportunity in the last third of this season in not being closer to the top six.

Yesterday was another match where Preston had chances but failed to punish the opposition. In the balance of fairness Cardiff could have stolen the game but fo Iversen.

Ultimately, Lowe has the remainder of the season to progress and assess his current squad including Diaby who started his second game in succession. Barring a miraculous run of victories Preston will likely end up in the middle of the pack.

It is certainlty intersting times ahead and the squad may well be changed for next season but Preston have to change draws into wins if they are ever going to move towards a more elevated position in the table.