May Day Over And Out

May was signed by Simon Grayson for a fee of around £950,000 if the media are to be believed. He was a missing piece to boost Preston's growing strike force in the Championship but it all turned out horribly wrong.

The striker never really had a prolonged opportunity to prove himself. It was on a cold winter's day at Craven Cottage where his Preston career came to a halt.

He came on as a substitute and within moments was innocuously on the floor clutching his knee. The game was held up for minutes and seeing May sat at Euston station on crutches after the game didn't bode well.

May was soon ruled out for the season. This was extended to around a year and he was integrated back into the first team squad. There were behind door games and the odd time on the bench but he was afforded no game time by Grayson.

He pressed to go on loan in January but this was refused. The bizarre point is that Grayson still failed to use the striker until the season was over in April when he was given much needed game time.

Now that he is healthy and has a clean start it is likely that he will bang in goals. It's a shame that he wasn't able to do that at Preston through injury and lack of opportunity.

Preston will have made a loss on the striker but the club must move on.