Season Ticket Backlash

Last updated : 29 August 2020 By Ob790

Within 24 hours of announcing the pricing for season tickets Preston had to issue a statement by way of clarification which is never a good sign. The further statement has not really eased the concerns of some fans.

In short the club has confirmed prices will remain the same as last year except ins ome specific areas such as under 11's now having to pay. The long and the short is that Preston need the cash.

The first two games will be played behind closed doors. Some clubs have offered pro rata tickets but Preston have opted to allow season ticket holders to watch those first two games live online given a season ticket effectively gives you several free games over the course of a season.

Some clubs offered refunds for the end of last season. Preston did no such thing. Following from this the new season tickets announcement has been somewhat of a PR disaster.

Whilst some fans understand the full rate being charged there is a clause which has been included which stipulates the club will not give refunds if the club are forced to play behind closed doors.

It is unceratin what will happen over the winter months but at present clubs are only expected to allow fans back in during October and it wouldn't be surprising if there was another lockdown meaning games were cut off to a live audience.

The problem is that the clarification statement was a lump it or leave it type scenario. It was almost saying well the owner has had to fund the club so if you don't buy tickets we could go the way of Wigan or Bolton.

It seems the club are somewhat beating the fans with a stick. Do what we say otherwise there won't be a club to watch which does somewhat stink a little bit.

The club has misunderstood that many loyal fans are likely to be in financial difficulties themselves and there has been little from the club to reach out to the fans and entice them back during this time of need.

It is unlikely that there will be any change with respect to the club and season tickets but it will be very interesting to see how many fans decide to renew.