Takeover Rumours Increase

Last updated : 23 February 2022 By @pnemad

In reality the official statement says exactly nothing. It confirms that there is nothing to say with respect to a takeover and there will be updates accordingly.

Reading between the lines this seems to suggest that something is happening but North End are unable to confirm anything until any deal is finalised or ultimately falls through.

Ever since the passing of Trevor Hemmings the rumours have intensifieid over whether the family would retain control of the club or if an outside investor would be required.

In the last few weeks Chris Kirchner was linked to the club following his failed bid to takeover Derby County. Kirchner owns an American logisitcs company although his net wealt is somewhat unknown.

Reports suggest that he has watched Preston in recent weeks and is keen on investing. Apparently, Garry Cook who was formerly with Man City and Paul Stretford are rumoured to be on board with Kirchner.

Obviously, there are a lot of ifs and buts so only time will tell but if the move did take place then there will be interesting times ahead at Deepdale over the next few months.